Sunday, 6 July 2008

Back in the barrel

Well i'm finally back from nearly a month of neglecting the blog! 

During the last 3 weeks i've been on tour with my friend Jack, travelling around the UK. Great for some inspiration and seeing new places, meeting new people. Had a great time but glad to be back home!

Also been busy with my band. Finishing off the recording process and sorting out our tour in September. 

But anyway, Advertising.

I worked on some product thoughts whilst on the road and have generally been taking in what i've learned from my London Crits and how i can use that experience and knowledge that i got out of it to make my book much better.

Starting formal work again as of tomorrow so i'm excited to get a pen back in my hand and start scribbling. I feel ready to make this next book now and take it down to London in August if all goes well!