Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Just got back from Latitude yesterday, had an amazing time and saw some great bands. Sigur Ros blew me away and Interpol were particularly good.

Decided to stick up some old strategies from my last book. Still have to photograph the executions but might as well put up the strats.

Big Yellow Self Storage Company - Hoarders paradise
Elastoplast - The Human puncture repair kit
Greenflag - Starting Cars. Not Conversations
Bacofoil - Do lunch for breakfast
HP Brown sauce - Mayonnaise for blokes
Heinz - You wouldn't run off with a stranger
Bic - Official sponsors of the kleptomaniac society

A selection of strategies from my previous book.

Currently working on a new book. First product being 'Worthington's Creamflow Bitter'

Any comments on the strategies above appreciated! Some went down well other's not so much so be interested in what you all think.


Hayley said...

Get the pics up of your work now! lol. Interested to see what Bic pens have to do with kleptomania lol! Unless you mean when people always steal pens (like the little ones in betting shops and Argos)... just rambling to myself now lol.