Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Since my London visit in June, i've been really busy with things both to do with Advertising and things out of it. Latitude Festival, Touring with my friend Jack Summer for 2 weeks, Recording an album with my band. A lot has happened and now things are just gathering speed.

I'd hoped to being going back to London in early August with a brand new book, but with my NewHaven placement i've put it back until i am ready again. I was trying to rush my book along a few weeks ago and get it together in time to take down but i've decided to take time and make sure i'm taking all the advice i've been given, part of that is giving the new campaigns space to breath and then looking at them fresh and picking holes myself. Hopefully that will be productive when it comes to going back down in the coming Months.

I have a few project's on the go at the moment. Currently putting together something for Stu @ Mother to follow on from his advice in June. And also i'm putting together a film of sorts and other bits of bobs for various people.

Some exciting times coming up i hope. Loads to do, Loads to do. 
Think Think Think!