Sunday, 6 December 2009

Internet Vices

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0-10  This sound makes me go bouncy and I can shout it.

10-13  This music is good for dancing and singing and it reminds me of telly.

13-15  What music do my friends like? I must like the same music.

15-17  If I like the right music then girls will like me.

17-25  Nothing is more important in the world than [insert band] and only I and Paul Morley understand their significance. I don't care that girls don't like me.

25-30  What is it with [insert band]? They are ridiculous, strutting sell-outs. Music is just a rip-off man.

30-35  There's more to music than pop you know. This jazz stuff is fascinating, and there's music from round the world and have you heard some of those blues guys and John Cage and everything.

35-40  I'm still very much aware of today's music, there are a lot of incredible bands out there, even these days. I'll never get caught in some retro trap.

40-45  I only really listen to the music I liked when I was 17.

From the excellent Russell Davies

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Barrel

Welcome to the Christmas Barrel
Christmas is just around the corner.

So i will be stepping up the posts and making sure this blog ends the year looking healthy and sounding sober.

Note my sterling attempts @ Christmas'ing up the blog.

The Great Ad Melting Pot

Strength in numbers.

Weetabix, Drench & now Vittel.