Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Album & Ideas.

This week my attention has been directed to a different project. I'm busy recording a debut album with my band Fall Short! Conform!

Which should take up the next couple of weeks. It's really exciting and i can't wait to have some new stuff recorded. It's been a while since we last recorded and it went well on the first day tracking drums. I'm fully aware this doesn't really concern 'advertising' directly, but it's part of my creative output so i thought it was worth sharing! 

Having some new ideas for my book and some thoughts on how to make it something memorable and different. Still in the early stages of this but thinking time is needed! Plan to stick some stuff out of my most recent book up at some point but short on time at the moment so bare with me :)

Also; Scamp blog is hosting a live chat with Dave Trott to discuss his book 'How to get your first job in Advertising' today (Tuesday 10th June, 9am.) Should be good and just hope i can catch it at some point! 

Another thing too; Added some new interesting blog's on the links section so check them out, all worth a read! 


Guy and Sarah, creatives said...

And why aren't we on your favourite blog list? Lol, hope you're doing well mate!
Guy and Sarah.

LB said...

I'm actually just adding you now!!! I didn't even know you had a blog until 10 minutes ago! Yeah not bad thanks u? :)

Guy and Sarah, creatives said...

Not too bad. Had a good crit at WCRS. We're hoping to go to TBWA again soon.

The Idea Bakery said...

Hi Biscuit Barrel,

Thanks for finding me, indeed us confectionary folk need to stick together!

Im impressed by how many crits you have already been too, are you still at uni? How did you arrange all of them!

Idea Bakery

Wal said...

too muck talks about bakery and biscuits, i'm getting hungry :)
nice to see new young creative blogs!

Hayley said...

Hey Biscuit Barrel (and I second what Wal said lol!)

Just to say what your doing as a first year student is amazing, getting down to London so early on and throwing yourself to the lions takes a lot of courage! Keep it up and there's no doubt you'll go far!