Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Just been watching this Showreel from CST, really makes you think about what advertising is about and stuff that can often get lost in the 'creative' part of the job, like selling and getting your brand or product noticed by joe average, arguably the most important person in the whole equation.


Download Showreel;


Since my London visit in June, i've been really busy with things both to do with Advertising and things out of it. Latitude Festival, Touring with my friend Jack Summer for 2 weeks, Recording an album with my band. A lot has happened and now things are just gathering speed.

I'd hoped to being going back to London in early August with a brand new book, but with my NewHaven placement i've put it back until i am ready again. I was trying to rush my book along a few weeks ago and get it together in time to take down but i've decided to take time and make sure i'm taking all the advice i've been given, part of that is giving the new campaigns space to breath and then looking at them fresh and picking holes myself. Hopefully that will be productive when it comes to going back down in the coming Months.

I have a few project's on the go at the moment. Currently putting together something for Stu @ Mother to follow on from his advice in June. And also i'm putting together a film of sorts and other bits of bobs for various people.

Some exciting times coming up i hope. Loads to do, Loads to do. 
Think Think Think!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Just got back from Latitude yesterday, had an amazing time and saw some great bands. Sigur Ros blew me away and Interpol were particularly good.

Decided to stick up some old strategies from my last book. Still have to photograph the executions but might as well put up the strats.

Big Yellow Self Storage Company - Hoarders paradise
Elastoplast - The Human puncture repair kit
Greenflag - Starting Cars. Not Conversations
Bacofoil - Do lunch for breakfast
HP Brown sauce - Mayonnaise for blokes
Heinz - You wouldn't run off with a stranger
Bic - Official sponsors of the kleptomaniac society

A selection of strategies from my previous book.

Currently working on a new book. First product being 'Worthington's Creamflow Bitter'

Any comments on the strategies above appreciated! Some went down well other's not so much so be interested in what you all think.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

South to Lattitude

I'm off on my travels again today.

Lattitude festival in Sunny (I hope) Suffolk.

Taking in everything from Music, and Film to Comedy and Poetry.

I think the idea is something for everyone.

Looking forward to Sigur Ros, Death Cab, Mars Volta and Interpol as well as several others.

Checking back in on Monday!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Late night snack

I've been trailing blogs and websites trying to find interesting stuff about advertising, I've been reading loads of blog but then i end up reading everything and can't find anything else that i can get into. This is something i have known about but yet to read until last night;

Great interview with CD's of MotherLondon and there are loads of others that i've been reading through. You lot reading this probably know about this already but worth a read if you don't. 

Anyone got an good suggestions for reading material? Book, Blogs, Sites etc

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Edinburgh shortbread

Aswell as putting a new book together i will also be going up to Edinburgh in August for a placement at NewHaven.

Had this in the pipe line for quite a while but should finally get up there in August i hope! 
If you don't know about them have a look on their site;

They do some great work for Tennents lager, Power League etc

Lovely people and great work so i'm really looking forward to spending some time in the agency!

also you can probably tell by now i'm finding it a strain to relate all my Post titles to biscuits, valiant effort though!

Back in the barrel

Well i'm finally back from nearly a month of neglecting the blog! 

During the last 3 weeks i've been on tour with my friend Jack, travelling around the UK. Great for some inspiration and seeing new places, meeting new people. Had a great time but glad to be back home!

Also been busy with my band. Finishing off the recording process and sorting out our tour in September. 

But anyway, Advertising.

I worked on some product thoughts whilst on the road and have generally been taking in what i've learned from my London Crits and how i can use that experience and knowledge that i got out of it to make my book much better.

Starting formal work again as of tomorrow so i'm excited to get a pen back in my hand and start scribbling. I feel ready to make this next book now and take it down to London in August if all goes well!