Monday, 22 June 2009

Be Nice or Leave

Be Nice Or Leave
View more PDF documents from Faris Yakob.

Slides and Audio. 
Great Talk by Faris Yakob at McCann-Erickson NY about Social Media

Do Not Shave

We all hate those Gillette ad's right?

This one is a bit different.

Infact it's REALLY interesting!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Teepay is a company that allow anyone to submit a design for a t-shirt.

It then gets uploaded to their website

and then every t-shirt is available to vote for. 

Basically if enough people pledge a vote to buy your design, it then goes into production with the designer of the T-shirt getting a slice of the profits!

It was brought together by these lovely people.

So have a go!

or visit

for other cool stuff!

Interview with Dave Trott

Found this on ]-[appy Thought's blog! Only found it by chance so doubt many will have read it, anyway it's a great read.

It can be found here

50% Killing spree

Now for some advertising gaming i do like!

Created by DDB London


So i'm guessing most people have seen Rubberduckzilla by now. I'm not really sure what to think of it, is it a bit crap? Or will it actually be something that stands out amongst a lot of dross?

Anyway after seeing serveral phonebox's with Oasis posters on i decided to go on the website and see what else they were doing to extend the campaign. 

I found 3 arcade type games, using that technology of holding up a symbol to a webcam to show a rubberduck (bit like E.ON did with the F.A Cup online stuff

Not overly impressed as it's a bit fiddly and can't see people having the patience to print out things and then deal with a hit and miss technology for games that aren't all that fun really.

Have a go for yourself and see what you think.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Mr Food

Monday, 8 June 2009

So i've heard a lot about this 

A new search engine by Microsoft, except they're calling it a 'decision engine'
it's more than a search engine apparently.

Now it may just be me, but i've used it and searched a few things. Asked a few things and it seems very 'googley', on first glance i can't see any major differences with searches and more to the point i don't see any reason to change to using for my searching needs.

Looking at it on a very basic level, i'm actually wondering why it exists?

Do we have no search engines - NO

Do the ones we have not work? - NO

Is there actually any need for a new one? - NO

This is what it looks like - 

Deffinatly not the most pleasing to the eye. This is what a search result looks like -

Is it just me is there something very google again. But it looks like it's been designed by a 12 year old who just found out that Powerpoint exists?

Again i also have a problem with the ad's they've just launched in support of it. I have a problem with a lot of this stuff don't i?

JWT New York are usually brilliant, but this ad at over a minute long is just bizarre. They go on about this and that, failing to tell you what it's about for at least half of film.

 Now wouldn't it have been a better idea to create 20 x 5 second executions of a search and a result. Actually showing it's effective and not talking a load of gibberish. Surely this 'decision engine' is supposed to get you the right results FAST? 

Or why not do something ONLINE the medium that it's actually based in? 

How many people have Google as their home page when they load up their internet browser? (i do)

Why not try and change online users actions with a campaign to replace your home screen? Wouldn't that be targeting the right people as well as actually producing results at the same time?

Time will tell what will happen with bing. Even so going after Google seems extremely naive from Microsoft. We already have Yahoo and Ask? amongst a hundred others. 

Do they really think they can topple Google with this half hearted attempt?

Lorry Driver

No matter how much you might hate Chris Moyles this is most deffinatly right if not hilarious.

Saw it ages ago but just popped back into my head while swimming for some reason...

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Two Kids on Steps

Couldn't find the english version -

Schakelen zonder onderbrekingen = Shifts gears without interruption

The Golf with direct shift gearbox

Courtesy of Vinny Warren at The Escape Pod