Thursday, 28 August 2008

Today is the first day, of the rest of your life.

Two more days to go up here in Edinburgh! Really enjoyed being up here and learning a ton of stuff. Feel like i've moved on a lot and loads of good things are on the horizon.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Somers Town

Today i saw Somers Town. As most people will be aware it was written by Mother and directed by Shane Meadows. It was really simple and gave the story a very real and genuine feel. It felt untainted and very straight forward which i liked alot. Beautifully shot, i'm not a fan of black and white film but this felt like it should be, colour seemed to give the story to much distraction. One of my favourite things about it was the soundtrack. Lovely folk instrumentals interrupted the dialogue and it just felt like a very honest film of an everyday story. Anyone seen it?

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mammoth Refreshment.

So i've had a bit of a busy time this last week. Placement has been great, learning so much about working in an agency and how reviews/meetings/clients all work. Obviously it differs in every agency but it's all really really interesting. Had some ridiculously funny moments as well so it's all good fun. Been working on about 3 briefs this week, as well as attending some 5-a-side football after work and a party at a local production company which was great. Meeting loads of new people and it's great being able to get insight like this into the industry, invaluable stuff that you just can't get from a course.

Working on my book on the weekends also, it's really starting to pull together now. Pretty exciting, i feel like it''s so much better than my last stuff already but obviously time will tell. Getting good feelings though and all the hard work seems to be paying off.

I am feeling pretty run down with working all week and then doing my book on a weekend but i'm finding time for other things too and i'm enjoying myself so that's the main thing.

I'm seeing things alot clearer now and really trying to look at Brands and how they are successful and the ways people are using advertising to re-enforce their brand messages. I used to watch some ad's and go 'that's shit' or 'thats not funny' etc but i've kind of stopped myself recently and thought does it work? Does it serve the purpose for the target market? Am i part of it? and trying to look at the thought processes behind it all.

Maybe i'm driving myself mad but i think i've been enlightened in the last 2 weeks about alot of things.

Another 2 weeks of placement to go, it feels like i've just started really but i'm going to make sure i take everything i can from it whilst i'm there.

If you made it down this far then well done!

Sharp Darts, Double Dutch

A perfect example of creativity and selling.

But don't fret - it's in fact the plot of the promo video for his new track 'Everything Is Borrowed', which is the title track of The Streets' fourth album. The truth behind the eviction rumours was reinforced by a nice message from the guy who played the locksmith in the video. He thanked Skinner for a good day out and for posing for photos. Fiction can be stranger than truth, it seems. - XFM News.

The power of blogs.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Window, Frame, Refrigerator

Please note -



Sunday, 10 August 2008

Campaign of the Week.

Absurdly funny.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Work, Work, Eat, Store, Work, Fork, Knife, Clap?

Monday - Work

Tuesday - Work
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Work
Friday - Work
Saturday - Work
Sunday - Work

But it's totally worth it.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Slacking off.

Well this blogging every day isn't going great since i missed the last two days but i'll round up now.

Had a review for some work on wednesday and been in a pre production meeting this afternoon in preparation for the shoot tomorrow. So i'm going along for that which will be great experience. Working on a couple of other briefs and settling in. Really cool place to work, been reading some books today whilst wandering, one of which being 'Norwegian Fairy Tales' which was very interesting and looking through annuals that i haven't seen. It's great being in an agency and just taking notice of what goes on and how it all works from the idea to the production of it. Very interesting. Also had a chat with a guy in a London agency about what i should be doing and asking about his experiences so all very relevant. 

Maybe some exciting news tomorrow, but will have to wait and see!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The 49th Wonder of the world

Who would have guessed it.

Remove dents in carpeting

If you've recently rearranged the furniture in your living room, you know that heavy pieces can leave ugly indents in your carpet. Use ice cubes to remove them. Put an ice cube, for example, on the spot where the chair leg stood. Let it melt, then brush up the dent. Rug rehab completed.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Day One

Well i'm sitting in a bar in Edinburgh after a good 3/4 hours trying to arrange something so that i'm not sleeping on a street corner! Numerous plan's have fallen through but i've got a bed tonight and hopefully i'll have everything sorted for a month by tomorrow lunch time! With it being Edinburgh fringe festival it's a bit mental but should be a good month as there will always be something good going on!

On topic; My first day was good! Two hour drive up to Edinburgh, arriving early for a nice change! A few short introductions and on with my first brief, i haven't asked if i can talk about what i'm doing yet but i'll just leave it that it's one of the major accounts. Agency has a really nice feel about it and had time to sit out in the garden and take in some sun on my lunch. Not much else to report until i know what i can and can't say.
I'll stick some pictures tomorrow!

Until then i'm going to enjoy my well deserved pint!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

The First Placement

So, off to Edinburgh and NewHaven tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting my first agency experience. I'm going to try and update the blog with what i'm doing each day and maybe even post some pictures/videos if i get a chance.

Been working on the book the last few weeks and got 2 campaigns pretty much sorted and started on a third.  So the new book is well on it the way. I feel like the work is much more focused and clear, something that some of my last books work wasn't. I think i've improved my thinking over the last few months and hopefully that will show in the work. 


Reading- The Stuff of Thought by Steve Pinker

Listening- Interpol (all albums on shuffle)