Sunday, 6 July 2008

Edinburgh shortbread

Aswell as putting a new book together i will also be going up to Edinburgh in August for a placement at NewHaven.

Had this in the pipe line for quite a while but should finally get up there in August i hope! 
If you don't know about them have a look on their site;

They do some great work for Tennents lager, Power League etc

Lovely people and great work so i'm really looking forward to spending some time in the agency!

also you can probably tell by now i'm finding it a strain to relate all my Post titles to biscuits, valiant effort though!


Hayley said...

Hey there! God, you're so busy all of the time - I really envy that and wish I could get my arse motivated like you do!

I found your blog after you commented on the Ideas Bakery blog - it's all one big happy blogging community/family out here : ) And I'm always looking for new blogs to keep me entertained.

But seriously, your efforts are huge for somebody just starting out in advertising, and it's amazing that you have a placement set up already. Waiting with baited breath to see you work... *hint hint* lol!

If you ever want to chat or anything then you can find my email in my profile section I think. H : )

Hayley said...

ps- And thanks for adding me to your blogs! You're getting a place in my list now : )

Hayley said...

Yeah go for it and put some of the work up - you believed in it enough to take it to London, so don't be too discouraged by what you were told. It's always good for people to see how your ideas are evolving and to see how well you're learning and taking criticism onboard.

Plus putting up work you're not sure about could be resolved by people visiting your blog who are seeing it from a different perspective.

H : )

The Idea Bakery said...

Hey there!

Im going into my final year studying advertising, been on a few placements, entered the usual comps, but want to set up some long term placements over the following year for when i graduate. Just trying to find a copywriter as there's only one in my class that is remotely interested in copy! Its really refreshing to see how proactive you already are! Keep it up and you'll bound to be in job land alot quicker than most.

What are you studying in which uni? I went to Leith in Edinburgh and they gave me some great advise and had alot of time for me. So check them out when you go up there too, there really friendly and welcoming.


Guy and Sarah, creatives said...

Hi Liam,

Hope you're well, congrats on NewHaven, hope that goes well for you - they're a good agency. We've added you to our blog as a friend! Hope your new work's going OK :D

Guy and Sarah.