Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Just been watching this Showreel from CST, really makes you think about what advertising is about and stuff that can often get lost in the 'creative' part of the job, like selling and getting your brand or product noticed by joe average, arguably the most important person in the whole equation.


Download Showreel;


Rachel and Debbie said...

Great minds... I was looking at that earlier!

Rachel and Debbie said...

Go into customise and then the layout page, edit your heading bit and then upload an image of your title replacing the text already there (about 660x190 pixels should do it).

At the mo were awaiting a decision coming next week that will decide what we do for the next 6 months, either a really long cool digital fully paid placement or back down to london begging for one...

Im going out of my mind waiting. :(

Hayley said...

Email, email, email, email *cough* : P