Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Free Quidies


Gloom, doom and the recession kaboom has lead TalkTalk to give away free moneys.

Personally I'm sure i speak for everyone, when saying i hate broadband providers.

I've been trying to change mine for the past week and god do they make it difficult. But i digress.

This is the news that TalkTalk have employed 20 'put-pocket' to drop money into peoples pockets, coats and bags over the coming weeks. Giving you something back in these difficult morbid times, to make people feel better.

Although i sound sarcastic, this actually sounds like a great idea, with them planning to back it by giving out £100,000 (from £5 up to £20) and launching it UK wide.

Just tell me when and where and i'll be sure to bring an empty suitcase.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Brain Surgery

I've just seen a programme on Dave called "should I worry about my spending?"

Basically showing how small changes can change our spending habits.

He did an experiment in a supermarket moving the Heinz baked beans down a shelf from the prime spot and moving other items around.

Sales of the products in the prime locations, like the end of the isles or at eye level on the shelves increased from 100% up to 500%

Makes you think about all these expensive advertising campaigns that never get seen or fail to sell products.

Why not pay to get it in more stores or in better positions in those stores?

Its all the fault of the emotional side of your brain.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Je Suis TwaT

I post this fully aware that i am quite possibly well out of date. You readers that flock in on your unicycles no doubt know about this cock up, but still it's fun to laugh right? 

It seems like a very minimal thing but it turns out the entire internet was buzzing about it.

Tory MP Ann Widdicombe fumed: “It is deeply tasteless.”

Makers Britvic said it was a “coincidence” (Corporate cock-up)

Bring back Blackcurrent Tango and i might start drinking it.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Missed Dave Trott?

You can view the whole Dave Trott and Mark Denton webcast from last night below if you missed it. Ah technology!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dave Trott Live tonight

If you are one of those people who find Twitter pointless or a waste of time, this could change your mind.

Dave Trott is tonight talking to the drum magazine, not sure exacty what the topics are but if you remember the Scamp live chat it was pretty insightful.

This obviously won't be quite as straight forward as that but atleast there might be less anonymous sniggers and less Juan Carbrals in attendance!

It's live on Twitter sometime tonight,

You can ask questions too, all you need to do is follow the Drum's Twitter account.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Got a job at Y&R New York

Yes that's right. 

Graham Hall (of DDB London) has got a job at Y&R New York.

He's leaving DDB along with the head of planning (who's going to Ogilvy New York)

Some of his best work as presented by the ridiculously annoying Brand Republic presenter.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Free Budweiser

Four becomes two. Fallon are the latest agency to drop out of the Budweiser pitch. 

Declining to repitch, but perhaps with good reason.

Turns out all the agencies pitching must produce 3 fully formed campaigns in two weeks, 
as well as also waiver any rights to the work. 

Therefore Budweiser could actually use all 12 campaigns (if all 4 agencies pitched) without 
appointing any of them.

So now it's down to just RKCR/Y&R and DDB London to pitch for the business.

Really you can't blame TBWA/ or Fallon for this, who wants to put all the work in when there is a good chance
you won't get anything out of it at all. 

It's not like ABInBev are strapped for cash, they just bought Budweiser for literally billions of dollars!  

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

TBWA/ & Budwieser

First casualty of the Budweiser pitch.
TBWA/ Media Arts London have decided not to pitch. With Tim Lindsay giving the reasons for this on his new blog
here (or you can read below)

Long story short, they are simply to busy with existing clients and all the upheaval of moving into one office, to deal with such a big pitch, in such a short space of time

This could have been a big one for TBWA/ after all the trouble they've been having, with redundancies and account's jumping ship. Perhaps they can start their creative revival on an existing account, they do still have some good 'uns after all.


We had to make a really tough decision today.

You may have read on the front page of Campaign that Budweiser have asked us to pitch for their UK business. (What’s happening round at Fallon, by the way?). It’s a great brand and arguably a chance for glory, but an incredibly tough brief and a very short space of time in which to deliver it. We would have had to throw an enormous amount of resource at it – which would have consumed the agency for the next three weeks.

Trouble is, we’ve got a huge amount on. Two huge and exciting international pitches. Another big regional pitch about to walk in next week (we hope). Two RFIs from the AAR. A big Nissan task about to land. Lot’s of work on PlayStation in preparation for the arrival of a new European President. In August. When a lot of people are obviously on the beach. Oh yes – and with 150 Dean Streeters about to come up the road and move in with us.

So we’re not going to do Bud. It’s a tough call (and I can promise you Matt, Mark, Tom M, Julie, Ed and I went full circle on it at least twice this morning) but it’s the right call. We have to be able to do what we’re already committed to do well. And our first obligation is to existing clients.

I thought I detected a slight flicker of relief on Tom C’s and Paulo’s faces when they heard the news. Thanks for the work you put in chaps, it won’t go to waste.

Craigen isn't impressed.

Top Gear, making a VW advert, Jeremy Craigen looking on in disbelief.

You can imagine the quality of Clarkson and Captain Slows advert; for the VW Scirocco, wasn't quite up to the standard of DDB and Mr Craigen, nor the head of Volkswagen.

Mr Volkswagen client had out his 'How to write a Volkswagen advert' rule guide out for them, to which they would obviously pay no attention to.  

Watch from 19:20 - 40.00 on iPlayer. (apparently you can't embed iPlayer anymore?)

or watch one of the many they made here;