Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Free Quidies


Gloom, doom and the recession kaboom has lead TalkTalk to give away free moneys.

Personally I'm sure i speak for everyone, when saying i hate broadband providers.

I've been trying to change mine for the past week and god do they make it difficult. But i digress.

This is the news that TalkTalk have employed 20 'put-pocket' to drop money into peoples pockets, coats and bags over the coming weeks. Giving you something back in these difficult morbid times, to make people feel better.

Although i sound sarcastic, this actually sounds like a great idea, with them planning to back it by giving out £100,000 (from £5 up to £20) and launching it UK wide.

Just tell me when and where and i'll be sure to bring an empty suitcase.