Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Brain Surgery

I've just seen a programme on Dave called "should I worry about my spending?"

Basically showing how small changes can change our spending habits.

He did an experiment in a supermarket moving the Heinz baked beans down a shelf from the prime spot and moving other items around.

Sales of the products in the prime locations, like the end of the isles or at eye level on the shelves increased from 100% up to 500%

Makes you think about all these expensive advertising campaigns that never get seen or fail to sell products.

Why not pay to get it in more stores or in better positions in those stores?

Its all the fault of the emotional side of your brain.


Anonymous said...

they do pay for them to go in better positions - heinz for example has a way higher marketing budget than other brands so they can keep this position.

Anonymous said...

this is true of all advertising/marketing though. agencies will claim their advert alone helped sell a thousand more chocolate bars a day, but in truth it's rarely the creative work that sells anything, merely reminding the consumer of the name of a product will do. team that up with putting the product in a prime location in a shop and bobs your uncle.
can i also just say that i've recently seen official agency documentation that says 'no-one really knows how advertising works..'. i'm wondering if 'but it's making us rich for now' should follow that sentence?