Saturday, 5 September 2009

Targeting your Market

Many would deem this the best Lynx commercial produced by BBH London. 

A lovely film that stands apart from the dross of most commercials and even some programmes.

It shows great thinking, great direction, a lovely soundtrack and a subtle idea that is slowly released, which in the end shows the product to be the king.

But it didn't work.

It was apparently the worst performing Lynx ad done to date.

Sales didn't shoot up. Men didn't rush out to buy a can.

And that is the very real truth of the state of most advertising.

Done to win awards, done to look great, done to sound great. 

But talking to the right people, no. Selling product, no.

The people who buy Lynx paid no attention, it wasn't right for them. It was too intelligent, it was too complex, too slow, too subtle.

and that is a real lesson to someone like me. Trying to get a job in this industry. In this climate.

A couple of days in London give good perspective.

2 comments: said...

i appreciate you writing something like this and so do my clients.

Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing that. That's a pity it didn't work. I like the concept. I think it would've worked more for females but the undertone message of "you never know when you will get a one night stand" will probably have to be changed.

You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. BBH London should expect to be "flattered" by another agency in good time.