Thursday, 6 August 2009

Free Budweiser

Four becomes two. Fallon are the latest agency to drop out of the Budweiser pitch. 

Declining to repitch, but perhaps with good reason.

Turns out all the agencies pitching must produce 3 fully formed campaigns in two weeks, 
as well as also waiver any rights to the work. 

Therefore Budweiser could actually use all 12 campaigns (if all 4 agencies pitched) without 
appointing any of them.

So now it's down to just RKCR/Y&R and DDB London to pitch for the business.

Really you can't blame TBWA/ or Fallon for this, who wants to put all the work in when there is a good chance
you won't get anything out of it at all. 

It's not like ABInBev are strapped for cash, they just bought Budweiser for literally billions of dollars!