Saturday, 12 September 2009

You Stole

You're in a band. You have no money, no record label, no manager, no tour bus. 

You have a bunch of songs you've written. You have a myspace with 1000 plays but what can you do to really get noticed?

Be clever.

This is a way that a lot of people are choosing to promote themselves.

Taking an upcoming release from a major band and releasing leaks of their songs. or rather titling your songs as a leak from their album.

It gets hits, it gets press. People say they love it. But then it comes out it's not them.

What's to gain from this? You get people to listen to your music first of all.
Will they actually visit your myspace? Buy your CD's? Become a fan? Who knows.

Here is an example. 

What are the long term benefits of this?

Well looking at a similar example from a couple of years ago, 

Coldplay released Viva La Vida with a lot of controversy. 

A band called Creaky Boards said they'd ripped them off. 
(okay it's not exactly the same but go with it)

There was a lot of press about it.

So where are they now?

Well they have just 3000 friends on myspace. 
If that's anything to go by then the jury is still out on this one.