Thursday, 7 August 2008

Slacking off.

Well this blogging every day isn't going great since i missed the last two days but i'll round up now.

Had a review for some work on wednesday and been in a pre production meeting this afternoon in preparation for the shoot tomorrow. So i'm going along for that which will be great experience. Working on a couple of other briefs and settling in. Really cool place to work, been reading some books today whilst wandering, one of which being 'Norwegian Fairy Tales' which was very interesting and looking through annuals that i haven't seen. It's great being in an agency and just taking notice of what goes on and how it all works from the idea to the production of it. Very interesting. Also had a chat with a guy in a London agency about what i should be doing and asking about his experiences so all very relevant. 

Maybe some exciting news tomorrow, but will have to wait and see!


Anonymous said...

Norwegian Fairy Tales? sounds interesting. Have you seen Pan's Labyrinth? It's Spanish, not Norwegian, but still brilliant, the director's just done Hellboy2 - again, amazing. Probably. Good luck for whatever the good news might be! Was that Facebook photo thing a reference to Andrew Flintoff? lol


Rusty said...

Yeah they were very interesting but slightly predictable, as fairy tales tend to be. Yeah i've got that on dvd really good film and weird. I don't what that was a reference too it just popped into my head haha.


Anonymous said...

haha, fair enough :)