Monday, 4 August 2008

Day One

Well i'm sitting in a bar in Edinburgh after a good 3/4 hours trying to arrange something so that i'm not sleeping on a street corner! Numerous plan's have fallen through but i've got a bed tonight and hopefully i'll have everything sorted for a month by tomorrow lunch time! With it being Edinburgh fringe festival it's a bit mental but should be a good month as there will always be something good going on!

On topic; My first day was good! Two hour drive up to Edinburgh, arriving early for a nice change! A few short introductions and on with my first brief, i haven't asked if i can talk about what i'm doing yet but i'll just leave it that it's one of the major accounts. Agency has a really nice feel about it and had time to sit out in the garden and take in some sun on my lunch. Not much else to report until i know what i can and can't say.
I'll stick some pictures tomorrow!

Until then i'm going to enjoy my well deserved pint!


Luke and Wilf said...

Good luck, its worth it in the end. Thats what we hear anyway.

Rusty said...

Cheers guys! haha. Just chuffed someone actually reads my blog! I'll keep an eye out for yours.