Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mammoth Refreshment.

So i've had a bit of a busy time this last week. Placement has been great, learning so much about working in an agency and how reviews/meetings/clients all work. Obviously it differs in every agency but it's all really really interesting. Had some ridiculously funny moments as well so it's all good fun. Been working on about 3 briefs this week, as well as attending some 5-a-side football after work and a party at a local production company which was great. Meeting loads of new people and it's great being able to get insight like this into the industry, invaluable stuff that you just can't get from a course.

Working on my book on the weekends also, it's really starting to pull together now. Pretty exciting, i feel like it''s so much better than my last stuff already but obviously time will tell. Getting good feelings though and all the hard work seems to be paying off.

I am feeling pretty run down with working all week and then doing my book on a weekend but i'm finding time for other things too and i'm enjoying myself so that's the main thing.

I'm seeing things alot clearer now and really trying to look at Brands and how they are successful and the ways people are using advertising to re-enforce their brand messages. I used to watch some ad's and go 'that's shit' or 'thats not funny' etc but i've kind of stopped myself recently and thought does it work? Does it serve the purpose for the target market? Am i part of it? and trying to look at the thought processes behind it all.

Maybe i'm driving myself mad but i think i've been enlightened in the last 2 weeks about alot of things.

Another 2 weeks of placement to go, it feels like i've just started really but i'm going to make sure i take everything i can from it whilst i'm there.

If you made it down this far then well done!


Mike said...

I made it all the way down... thanks. :)

Sounds like you're doing pretty well, I definitely know what you mean - the work does take it's toll, working longer than 9-5 and then putting the time over the weekend does add up, but its fun right, so who cares!

You need a little time to do 'other' things but so long as you're enjoying it - that's all that matters.

It's nice to feel enlightened... Glad to hear someone is in a similar situation and doing well!

Mike said...

Our course is over :)

We finished on the 2nd of June - we did 2 Months in London for JWT staying with familyn- off for two weeks at the moment, back down tomorrow to going house viewing to be properly established! But back down properly around the 25th...

Start at My Agency as soon as we get back!

Hayley said...

Hey, I made it to the bottom too! : )

Glad you're enjoying it so much and getting everything you'd hoped for (and more) from the experience.

Don't run yourself into the ground too much at weekends though - great if you feel like working on your portfolio, but there's plenty time for it after your placement ends and you head into 2nd year, so don't go tiring yourself out too much!

H : )