Saturday, 7 June 2008

The London Visit.

Back after 3 days of Crits, meetings and very useful advice. Overall i had a great time and met some really important people which was brilliant.

Day one: 

RKCR/Y&R - Very helpful advice from Jo and Stephen. They said a few of my campaigns were a little confused and that i need to step back from my work and look at it in a different light, this was quite a common pattern that i found throughout the appointments but as i was also told numerous times, a partner would be able to help me with that. 

On a positive note, they liked some of my strategies and told me to work through those with a more concise execution. Also said to go back next time

DDB - Quick meeting with Dave Henderson to show him my book and the work i did for a VW brief i managed to get my hands on. Really liked my work for the VW brief, especially the line i used. Again my book was a little confused and needs to be more focused. Also managed to see Chris and Andy who have just joined from AMV, they said it was great i was down in my first year trying to get opinions and pointers on my work. Both said to go back anytime and stay in touch which was really positive.

Lowe - Great meeting with Peter Reid, loved some of my strategies and just thought i was a little confused and again thought a partner could really help me develop. 

M & C Saatchi - This was the big one, end of the day, meeting with Graham Fink. More than a little worried i have to admit after some of the things i was told. In reality it went incredibly well and it was one of the most inspiring conversations i've had in a long while. Despite telling me i need to start again with my book, he actually liked one of my strategies. That was enough really, after i thought he was going to kill me. No mention of needing a partner, just advice to put myself into my work and that no one can be like me so my work should show that. Great advice from him and he even said to go back and see him any time. With or without work, but just for a chat. That in itself was a great end to the day. 

Day two:

JWT - First appointment on day two was with Mike Mckenna. He told me to get myself a partner as it will be incredibly hard to get anywhere near a placement without one. Again my thoughts were a little confused and i need to make my point clearer. But good advice from him and again he said to go back and see him next time i'm down.

Saatchi & Saatchi - Here i saw Levi and Dave. Both thought my work was mad and very funny which was quite a pleasant surprise. Loved my strategies and making an appointment to see them again next time i'm down. Also commented on me going down during my first year and that is was great that i was being so pro-active. 

Red Brick Road - Next it was Dan and Andy. Told me to work on some of the strategies i'd done and said i was brave to be down so early into my course and to email them some work down whenever i like which was really kind of them. 

TBWA/ - This appointment got cancelled/ never happened unfortunately. Mix up with who i was seeing so i'll have to try and go next time i'm down.

Day Three:

Wieden + Kennedy - Early start in Shorditch with Fabian and Ida. Said my work should be clearer and have bigger idea's. Also said they don't consider anyone for placement who is still on a course but some good advice and great to get in to see them.

BBH - Mad dash across London to get here in time, lovely building and a great meeting with Rosie Arnold. Had a look through my work and chatted about how difficult it can be to find the right partner. Loved some of my strategies and said to work on them and keep in touch for when i'm next in London. Suggested some good stuff to read and was generally lovely and talked to me about BBH and her experiences which was great to hear.

CST - I'd seen Dave Trott before when i went to one of his talks on an evening and was great to see him again one to one. Had some great advice for me and told me that i need to make myself really stand out. I'm selling myself as much as the work in my book. Gave me a copy of 'How to get your first job in Advertising' and answered some questions i had about the business. Interesting insights on partners and made me really think about what i'm doing and things i need to change, in a positive way though! Just great to get to see him and listen to his advice first hand.

Mother -  Last appointment of the 12 and i felt that i had already learnt loads and my book didn't really represent me particularly well anymore. Despite this i had a fantastic meeting with Stuart. He flicked through my book and looked through my strategies too. Thought there were some good thoughts there and they just needed more clarity. Had a great chat with him about other things i do outside of Advertising and he said to stay in touch and make arrangements to go down for a placement. At this point i was really shocked! Totally unexpected, but brilliant and i'm already taking steps to push myself and my work further.

Overall i had a great time and looking back can't believe some of the people i have had the opportunity to see! Really positive feedback on my ideas and basically just need to make my thoughts more concise and clear, aswell as a bit more visual. Great experiance and i've got more out of it than i thought i would of! Everyone was so positive and for everyone to say to go back and see them was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who saw me, it will defintly improve my work and helped me see that i'm selling myself and everything i do, whether it be music i write, videos i make or anything creative i'm involved in.

Work for the next book begins now!


Rachel and Debbie said...

Wow, well done you! Looks very promising! get that work up on here I'm desperate to have a look!