Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Advertising Does Work


So with it being a new year, you'd think it'd be right to make some resolutions. This year i haven't really done that but what i have done is started buying Innocent Smoothies. This being for a number of reasons.

I always liked the idea of Innocent smoothies as eating fruit just doesn't appeal to me (just when would you actually choose to eat it?) Anyway i never really bought these smoothies because i thought they were too expensive.


Since they started advertising them as 2 of your 5 a day, something changed.

I've bought a big carton pretty much every week. I don't think they're as expensive because they now have a real value to me rather than just something to have when i want a drink.

Positioning it as a health essential in my case. Making me actually feel good about buying it, rather than feeling like it's a waste of money or too expensive. 

This was backed up by their new campaign. The one with the Rabbits.

Personally i think they are just the old ad's with a Rabbit in them. The scripts are poor and the closing frame should show all the flavours they do. 

But since seeing the ad's & following them on Twitter i actually went out and bought the product and have continued to do so. 

Tomorrow; Why advertising doesn't work.