Thursday, 30 July 2009

John Webster lives on.

Is it just me or is there a theme here? 

Everyone seems to love

People who don't have cars.

 Kids. O.A.P's, my dog. 

But why do they love it? Not for the cheesy pun. 

But because of the character and the personality? (a la Webster) 

To be fair to they are backing it and pushing the campaign as far as they can and are being rewarded for it. Making people talk about an insurance comparison site!

But with this campaign being such a success.

Why aren't more brands using a character or personality? Is it now going to become cool again? or is it still a creative no-no?

Heineken have been using a character in the US, 'The Most interesting man in the world' which has increased sales of their import brand so should brand characters be back on the table?


Mike said...

Glad to see the new layout! It's so much better - no offence ...and you're posting more regularly.

Biscuit Barrel said...

Yeah i know that old layout was disgusting! Yeah trying to keep on top of it and actually blog for a change!

golublog said...

I never liked it too much cuz of the mock russian voice, but I guess that's in now.