Wednesday, 3 February 2010

How Cravendale use twitter.

Recently i noticed Cravendale are on twitter. I like the Cravendale ad's so decided to follow them and see what they had to offer. What i've found so far is uninteresting and unsuprising.

After seeing their TV ad's you'd think they would have a bit of a quirky personality, maybe use the characters they've established in the ads? Include some humour? Atleast talk in the same tone of voice?

What i actually found was very uninspiring. It feels like a marketing guy is sitting there. It's definatly not a pirate, cow or cyclist. One of the things they've decided to do is come up with these 'catchy' ways of making Cravendale 'interesting'.

Perhaps it's just me but this seems self-indulgent, off the point and frankly pretty boring. It feels like an ad, it feels like they're trying to sell you. Trying to convince you of something. When in actual fact, if you're reading their tweets, It means you went online, searched for Cravendale and then actually spent time following them or atleast looking at their profile. So you have given them that much attention already, now you've done that you need to be rewarded. Unfortunetly it doesn't really feel like their doing that.

Feels like a missed opportunity. I'm not talking about doing things to 'Dell' proportions or the success that Ford have found by using twitter, milk is a low interest catagory after all. But adding something that makes you feel good about them is all they need, rather than feeling like you took a punt on something and didn't get much back in return. 

Because next time i see a bottle in the supermarket this is what i'll remember.