Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Car or train insurance?

It struck me recently how bizarre this photograph is. 

One of hundreds of Swift-cover car insurance posters that are displayed at Metro station platforms, a system where thousands of people travel to work by train.

 I'm fully aware a lot of these people may own a car and simply travel by the Metro system for convenience, but surely this is the wrong medium to be advertising in.

 If it was a one off poster then fair enough, but almost every Metro station seems to have multiple posters like this. 

The same day i saw the same poster as a bus back, the ideal medium for it. 

For insurance that claims it saves you money, they don't half waste a lot of it.


HL said...

This advert scares the hell out of me. good job I only have a green license and a bus pass. They must have donated some major P's to Iggy's retirement fund for him to devalue himself like that aswell. I hope there is a trickle down effect to the stooges.