Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Cat & Toast

You drop toast and it always lands butter side down on the floor. Now it's said that cats always land on their feet. So if i were to strap a slice of toast butter side up on the cats back and threw it off a roof, what would happen? Would it hover?

See example (below) for reference.

Answers on the back of a 12 year old Whitby fish quay postcard please.


jpandtem@googlemail.com said...

good job you put that animation in, i was struggling to imagine!

Fronsn said...

yeah, the last thing i wanted was a riot!

Mike said...

Maybe it got hit by a truck? or caught on a lamp post, or maybe it landed on its side?

Was it butter or margerine....?

Bum Fluff said...

Interesting observation. I had a go but only to receive many scratches. I have always been a dog man to be honest. Cats are selfish little cretins.