Sunday, 12 October 2008

Feeling Lucky

Last night i played a gig to over 2,000 people. Supporting the Subways in Newcastle. I'm not a big Subways fan but you can't buy those sort of experiances. 

Working on loads of stuff at the moment. Lots of turmoil and lots of plans.

Hopefully if i work hard they will work out for the best. 


Jack Summer said...

You can actually buy those sort of experiences you know...?

If you got the money...
I'm going to win the lottery and buy us onto the next Nickelback tour

The Oxymorons said...

The lead singer is beautiful. I only like a couple of their songs, goes a bit too crazy at times.

DM said...

congrats on the gig. you're right though, the subways are seriously shit. i hope you used this opportunity to steal the show!