Sunday, 14 September 2008


Scamp's post about Youtube has led me to discover something i didn't know

This is allegadly the inspiration behind the W+K Cravendale ads. They were done by the same guy too. Now maybe it's just me but i didn't know this until now! I like the Cravendale ad's although i'm not sure if that's a universal thing or not. All i know is this is entertaining and engaging and weird! So come on who knew and just didn't tell me?


Hayley said...

Hahahaha love when he smacks up the cow!

Gorilla Blogger said...

I knew, but only cos I was THE BIGGEST FAN!

Do you like it when adverts do this? My friend says its like when the white man invaded the world and brought back all the glorious things he found along the way.

Anonymous said...
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]-[appy Thought said...

Very interesting. I admit I'm disappointed to hear it wasn't an original idea from W+K, but at least they worked with the guy rather than rip him off, which is what I really can't stand!