Monday, 19 May 2008

Bourbons are best.

Today i started reading a new book

The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper.

I think it's the funniest book i've ever read (so far anyway) I'm usually pretty skeptical when people tell me about a book they think is good because i'm quite particular on what i read but i would recomend it to everyone. It's basically a load of letters this guy has sent to Garden Centres, Book Publishers etc and sends them his ideas for a book or a garden product or just straight out ridiculous stuff! It's daft but hilarious.

Anyway the point of this blog is about me and Advertising. The story goes, i'm putting together a book with which i will take down to London at the beginning of June, i've got a lot of products done already and loads more to do, aswell as having done some live briefs for a couple of agencies. All in all.

3 Days in London
12 Agency appoinments

Looking for pointers, placement or a job. In reality i'm thinking one and two are most likely.

So like i say, feel free to tag along and i'll update with how my book's going, what i'm up to and how it goes when i go down.


Rachel and Debbie said...

There you go Liam, added to the list. Well done you for getting so many appointments!

Do you have a partner in crime?

Also a few tips of advice... Don;t expect everything to happen straight away as you've been reading our blog you'll know we've done loads of trips down without getting a placement. Also find what type of agency you want to be at. Thats not necessarily the ones you admire. we've found that most of the agencies we thought we wanted to be in actually don't suit our style of advertising at all! Make loads of contacts. Keep going back and be nice to everyone even if they don't like your work. They've given their time up to give you advice the best thing to do is take it with a smile and think about it later.

errmmmm thats all i can think of for now but you'll probably have guessed this from the blog!

Good luck and you never know we might see you around!